Szynk  is a pub and a restaurant at the same time. It is located in one of the most intriguing corners in Kazimierz in Kraków – right opposite the Temple Synagogue.

The building where you find ”Szynk” is an old Kazimierz terraced house. There are two rooms at ”Szynk”. Both decorated with stuff reminding us of special atmosphere characteristic of the turn of the 19th and 20th century. On the walls as well as one the ceiling, you can see plenty of old things, making customers think what they were used for in old days. There are also photographs of friends and relatives of the owners placed in old frames.

So, having discussed the interior – let's switch over to the music you can hear at ”Szynk” and, there seems to be a lot to choose from: ethnic Jewish music, jazz, blues – they all invite you come in. But what happens to you once you have entered?

”Szynk” offers traditional Polish cuisine. This includes a variety of home made stuffed dumplings, dough balls and chicken cutlest served in different ways. There have been quite a few tourists as well as Kraków's inhabitants who after having eaten at ”Szynk” said: ”That's the best meal I've eaten in town”. And don't be surprised to hear that – not the mention, the restaurant is famous for serving big helpings! Also, once you have eaten, there seems to be a very little chance to leave without having a drink – so, just go for it! And hear there is a nice surprise. We highly recommend our own drauht Ales made specially for us in a small brewery in three types: ”Dark”, ”Amber” and ”Honey” beer. They are all non-pasteurized and perfectly smooth. So, go for them all as they are not available anywhere else!

We are positively sure that you are bound to have a marvellous time at ”Szynk”, because to get a special feelings one most be in a special place.